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A few words about myself

I am a professional horticulturist with a BSc and MSc in Horticulture. I have worked in garden design and maintenance, leading tours and lecturing to gardening groups and conferences. For 6 years I have been the editor of the Saxifrage Magazine (Saxifrage Society) and I write for various other gardening magazines. I was fortunate to grow up in Transylvania in a town surrounded by vast woodlands and species-rich wildlife meadows, a fact that has influenced the way I designed and maintained gardens. My interest extends to looking for plants in the wild. Leading wildlife tours give me the opportunity to share my interest and knowledge of botany. So far I have organised private tours to Transylvania and Spain, and have led several tours to Greece and Sweden for the Alpine Garden Society.  My interests range from alpine plants and bulbs, succulents, fruit and heirloom vegetables, ferns and orchids, to perennials, shrubs and trees. I am very keen on plant propagation, from getting diffi

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