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A few words about myself

Razvan Chisu I am a garden designer, editor of the Saxifrage Magazine (Saxifrage Society) and I write for various other gardening magazines. I also offer horticultural consultancy and have been giving talks to gardening groups and conferences for the past 5 years. After gaining a BSc and MSc in Horticulture I have worked with plants for the past 20 years starting as a technician in the Herbarium of the Botanical Garden in Cluj, Romania, and then creating and managing gardens in Transylvania and subsequently in the UK. I was fortunate to grow up in Transylvania in a town surrounded by vast woodlands and species-rich wildlife meadows, a fact that has influenced the way I design and maintain gardens. My interest extends to looking for plants in the wild and leading wildlife tours where I share my interest and knowledge of botany. So far I have organised private tours to Transylvania and Spain, and have led several tours to Greece and Sweden for the Alpine Garden Society (AGS

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